Investing in Early Stage companies with High Growth Potential



Sparx Ventures Limited invests in and mentors early stage technology businesses. The firm takes an active approach to investing, striving to build collaborative relationships with entrepreneurs by providing funding, technology guidance, legal and accounting support, IT infrastructure, and business plan optimisation.

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glomp! is a new concept social network service platform that enables treating of real products between friends. As a transaction based model, revenue is implicit and if traction is gained the projections are healthy.

Examples could be a coffee, cake or beer being sent to a friend or associate whereby the treat is ‘glomped!’ to them electronically and they redeem the treat in-store using their smartphone.

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IDAP is set to be the first complete crypto derivatives exchange, offering diverse trading instruments including low-risk derivative strategies such as calendar and butterfly spreads. Its institutional grade infrastructure and highly advanced desktop platform with point-and-click ladder trading will supply a best-in-class derivatives trading platform.

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New York based WayBetter is an innovative company helping people achieve their wellness goals with gamification and social betting. 

Their games include DietBet, StepBet, RunBet and SweatBet 


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